venerdì 15 luglio 2011


What is home ?

To live together with family , to share your problems and to stay face to face to your mother
And to see her face.
Sometimes the children lose their family and they don’t know who were and who is their family and mother. Looking to other women to take their faces and think may my mother was like her or different? They are thinking always to see her face and go back to their families.
Thousand of immigrates children comes to Europe and other country of the world without families without anyone who can help these children .
Some of them in some countries are sleeping on the street and there are no body to help them even he or she is sick or with thousand of problems .
But fortunately when they arrive here in Italy the government send them to family houses or other centres for the children ,I don’t know how it works in other cities of Italy, but i know some of family houses in Rome .

CPIM: is the reception centre for immigrate children without family, helping them to start taking their legal documents for staying in Italy and to teach them about Italian society.
First the children goes to reception centres for registration then they send them to family houses to start activities for their future

SPES CONTRA SPEM: is a social cooperative with many activities and four centres for different peoples with different problems.

  1. CASA BLU which is for disable people with more than 30 operators which are working 24 hours and take care of them.
  2. CASA SALVATORE  this is also for disable people but not the same problems that the casa blue have .
  3. APPRODO this is for minors for Italian and other immigrates those who are without families and some one to help them.
  4. SEMI DI AUTONOMIA this is the centre when the boys in Approdo got 18 years old then they transferred to this Semi di Autonomia.

In these four houses I have been and I have seen how it works but specially for a small period I have worked also with casa blu , that operators are struggling for them to be happy, give them bath, prepare for food bring them for the vacations many activities.
But the APPRODO is I think very important because for the future of the children. The operators of the Approdo family house are doing the same activities for the children and give them love of their families , send them to school, take care of them when they are sick, cloths all daily materials that they want to use can find inside there.
Home to home means that when the children are coming from their countries so the family houses don’t let them to be on the street and take them to their another home which is called family house.
Entering to Approdo is like walking around the world, different cultures different languages different ideas and interesting stories and more love. People from Asia, Africa and Europe.
And thanks for the president of the SPES CONTRA SPEM Luigi Vittorio that how it comes to his mind and to make such a opportunity for the people who really need help in such a conditions .
And to Federico Feliciani who is the responsible for Approdo and all educators those who are coming inside this nice house and start smiling and for their good behaves .

In these last two years by fortune the group of young girls and young boys to spend their expensive times in such a holy job and good activities with these four houses .

Baryali Waiz

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  1. Thanks for all followers of this blog. I am just writing this article show to other people those who don't know what is child and what is childhood without family, without any wishes in this beautifull world which is full of amazing flowers (children). We must give them back their wishes to those children without hopes.