mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

what does smuggling mean among the society and government


When most people think about smuggling, they think about smuggling of drugs or of other things.  I think the most dangerous form of smuggling is when it involves human beings.  Thousands of people lose their lives that way.

The most important thing that international law enforcement agencies and border police must concentrate on is saving people’s lives. Governments often know who is engaged in smuggling people and where they do it, but national governments and Interpol don’t take enough action against them.

About 3 years ago, a truck travelling from Pakistan to Iran was loaded with containers in which more than a hundred human beings --  adults, teenagers  and young boys – were hidden. The containers were closed. There were no vents for air, no food and no bathroom. By the time the truck arrived in Quetta, a Pakistani city on the border with Iran, it smelled very bad.  People on the street could tell immediately that something was wrong. When the police opened the truck, they found that most people inside the containers were dead.  Many others were in a coma.  This was breaking news all over the world.   There are many, many other cases of smuggling that are not reported in the newspapers and where insufficient action is taken to stop it. 

I am writing this article because I have seen smuggling with my own eyes.  When I made my journey from Afghanistan to Italy, I saw a lot of smuggling and saw many dead bodies and injured people who had been transported by truck or bus in the mountains and by ship on the sea. I think about these people’s families who are still waiting to hear from or to see their children again, counting every minute for months or years.

Thousands of people are trying to escape from dangerous places to go to live in other countries where they will be safer. But hopes are destroyed and lives are lost when the smugglers transport them in dangerous ways. How we stop this?

Kidnapping people followed by smuggling then across borders is also a terrible problem.  There are groups in some countries that kidnap children and take them to other countries. I have heard about some central Asian countries were infants are kidnapped and then used in camel races in the desert.  The infants are strapped onto the back of the camels, which run faster when the children scream.  If the baby dies, the child’s body parts are taken and sold.

What can we do to get the help of governments and Interpol to stop smuggling and trafficking in human beings?


Baryali Waiz

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